Turkish surnames: list of surnames with meanings


Aksoy  Turkish surnames

Arap  Turkish surnames

Aslan  Turkish surnames

Avci  Turkish surnames

Badem  Turkish surnames

Balik  Turkish surnames

Bardakci  Turkish surnames

Baris  Turkish surnames

Binici  Turkish surnames

Burakgazi  Turkish surnames

Degirmenci  Turkish surnames

Demir  Turkish surnames

Demirci  Turkish surnames

Ekmekci  Turkish surnames

Karga  Turkish surnames

Kartal  Turkish surnames

Katirci  Turkish surnames

Koc  Turkish surnames

Kucuk  Turkish surnames

Kundakci  Turkish surnames

Macar  Turkish surnames

Marangoz  Turkish surnames

Mataraci  Turkish surnames

Nacar  Turkish surnames

Peynirci  Turkish surnames

Sadik  Turkish surnames

Solak  Turkish surnames

Teke  Turkish surnames

Terzi  Turkish surnames

Tilki  Turkish surnames

Tiryaki  Turkish surnames

Uzun  Turkish surnames

Yilmaz  Turkish surnames