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Hungarian surnames starting with letter B


Bajusz  Hungarian surnames

Bako  Hungarian surnames

Balazs  Hungarian surnames

Balint  Hungarian surnames

Balog  Hungarian surnames

Balogh  Hungarian surnames

Barany  Hungarian surnames

Barath  Hungarian surnames

Barna  Hungarian surnames

Barta  Hungarian surnames

Bartha  Hungarian surnames

Bartos  Hungarian surnames

Bathory  Hungarian surnames

Batori  Hungarian surnames

Becskei  Hungarian surnames

Benes  Hungarian surnames

Biro  Hungarian surnames

Bodnar  Hungarian surnames

Bodrogi  Hungarian surnames

Bognar  Hungarian surnames

Bokor  Hungarian surnames

Bokori  Hungarian surnames

Borbely  Hungarian surnames

Boros  Hungarian surnames

Budai  Hungarian surnames

Buday  Hungarian surnames

Buki  Hungarian surnames