Hungarian surnames: list of surnames with meanings


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AdAm  Hungarian surnames

Agocs  Hungarian surnames

Albert  Hungarian surnames

Almassy  Hungarian surnames

Antal  Hungarian surnames

Antall  Hungarian surnames

Arany  Hungarian surnames

Bajusz  Hungarian surnames

Bako  Hungarian surnames

Balazs  Hungarian surnames

Balint  Hungarian surnames

Balog  Hungarian surnames

Balogh  Hungarian surnames

Barany  Hungarian surnames

Barath  Hungarian surnames

Barna  Hungarian surnames

Barta  Hungarian surnames

Bartha  Hungarian surnames

Bartos  Hungarian surnames

Bathory  Hungarian surnames

Batori  Hungarian surnames

Becskei  Hungarian surnames

Benes  Hungarian surnames

Biro  Hungarian surnames

Bodnar  Hungarian surnames

Bodrogi  Hungarian surnames

Bognar  Hungarian surnames

Bokor  Hungarian surnames

Bokori  Hungarian surnames

Borbely  Hungarian surnames

Boros  Hungarian surnames

Budai  Hungarian surnames

Buday  Hungarian surnames

Buki  Hungarian surnames

Cinege  Hungarian surnames

Csaszar  Hungarian surnames

Cseh  Hungarian surnames

Csintalan  Hungarian surnames

Csizmadia  Hungarian surnames

Csonka  Hungarian surnames

Csorba  Hungarian surnames

Czinege  Hungarian surnames

Dobos  Hungarian surnames

Dunai  Hungarian surnames

Erdos  Hungarian surnames

Eros  Hungarian surnames

Eszes  Hungarian surnames

Fabian  Hungarian surnames

Farago  Hungarian surnames

Farkas  Hungarian surnames

Fazekas  Hungarian surnames

Feher  Hungarian surnames

Fejes  Hungarian surnames

Fekete  Hungarian surnames

Filep  Hungarian surnames

Fodor  Hungarian surnames

Fulop  Hungarian surnames

Gaal  Hungarian surnames

Gabor  Hungarian surnames

Gal  Hungarian surnames

Gardonyi  Hungarian surnames

Gaspar  Hungarian surnames

Gereben  Hungarian surnames

Gorog  Hungarian surnames

Grosz  Hungarian surnames

Gulyas  Hungarian surnames

Hajos  Hungarian surnames

Halasz  Hungarian surnames

Halmi  Hungarian surnames

Hegedus  Hungarian surnames

Herczeg  Hungarian surnames

Herczog  Hungarian surnames

Horvath  Hungarian surnames

Ignacz  Hungarian surnames

Illes  Hungarian surnames

Jakab  Hungarian surnames

Jankovics  Hungarian surnames

Jo  Hungarian surnames

Jonas  Hungarian surnames

Joo  Hungarian surnames

Juhasz  Hungarian surnames

Kadar  Hungarian surnames

Kalmar  Hungarian surnames

Kardos  Hungarian surnames

Karpathy  Hungarian surnames

Karpati  Hungarian surnames

Karpaty  Hungarian surnames

Kato  Hungarian surnames

Katona  Hungarian surnames

Kecskemeti  Hungarian surnames

Kedves  Hungarian surnames

Kelemen  Hungarian surnames

Kemeny  Hungarian surnames

Kerekes  Hungarian surnames

Kertesz  Hungarian surnames

Kiraly  Hungarian surnames

Kis  Hungarian surnames

Kiss  Hungarian surnames

Kobor  Hungarian surnames

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