Chinese surnames: list of surnames with meanings


Bai  Chinese surnames

Chai  Chinese surnames

Chan  Chinese surnames

Chang  Chinese surnames

Chen  Chinese surnames

Cheung  Chinese surnames

Chong  Chinese surnames

Chou  Chinese surnames

Chow  Chinese surnames

Chu  Chinese surnames

Du  Chinese surnames

Fan  Chinese surnames

Guan  Chinese surnames

Guo  Chinese surnames

Han  Chinese surnames

Hou  Chinese surnames

Hsu  Chinese surnames

Hu  Chinese surnames

Huang  Chinese surnames

Jiang  Chinese surnames

Jin  Chinese surnames

Kuang  Chinese surnames

Kwan  Chinese surnames

Kwok  Chinese surnames

Lam  Chinese surnames

Lau  Chinese surnames

Lee  Chinese surnames

Li  Chinese surnames

Liao  Chinese surnames

Lim  Chinese surnames

Lin  Chinese surnames

Liu  Chinese surnames

Lu  Chinese surnames

Ma  Chinese surnames

Mah  Chinese surnames

Man  Chinese surnames

Ng  Chinese surnames

Pan  Chinese surnames

Ren  Chinese surnames

Ruan  Chinese surnames

Song  Chinese surnames

Sun  Chinese surnames

Sung  Chinese surnames

Tan  Chinese surnames

Tang  Chinese surnames

Wang  Chinese surnames

Wen  Chinese surnames

Wong  Chinese surnames

Wu  Chinese surnames

Xu  Chinese surnames

Xun  Chinese surnames

Yang  Chinese surnames

Yeung  Chinese surnames

Yu  Chinese surnames

Yuan  Chinese surnames

Yuen  Chinese surnames

Zhang  Chinese surnames

Zhao  Chinese surnames

Zheng  Chinese surnames

Zhou  Chinese surnames

Zhu  Chinese surnames