Catalan surnames: list of surnames with meanings


Abello  Catalan surnames

Agramunt  Catalan surnames

Albert  Catalan surnames

Andreu  Catalan surnames

Bernat  Catalan surnames

Blanxart  Catalan surnames

Bosch  Catalan surnames

Bover  Catalan surnames

Capella  Catalan surnames

Cardona  Catalan surnames

Castell  Catalan surnames

Costa  Catalan surnames

Ferrer  Catalan surnames

Grec  Catalan surnames

Jorda  Catalan surnames

Marti  Catalan surnames

Mas  Catalan surnames

Mata  Catalan surnames

Mateu  Catalan surnames

Moles  Catalan surnames

Noguera  Catalan surnames

Oliver  Catalan surnames

Oriol  Catalan surnames

Petit  Catalan surnames

Porra  Catalan surnames

Porras  Catalan surnames

Puig  Catalan surnames

Quintana  Catalan surnames

Rey  Catalan surnames

Roig  Catalan surnames

Roma  Catalan surnames

Rosa  Catalan surnames

Sala  Catalan surnames

Soler  Catalan surnames

Tomas  Catalan surnames

Tosell  Catalan surnames

Toset  Catalan surnames

Vilar  Catalan surnames

Vilaro  Catalan surnames

Vivas  Catalan surnames

Vives  Catalan surnames