Bognar surname meaning, origin - hungarian surname Bognar

The meaning of the surname Bognar is: Hungarian form of WAGNER.

The surname Bognar is present in the lists: Surnames, Hungarian surnames, Surnames start with letter B.

Number for the surname Bognar

The number of the surname eight (8) helps to achieve success in the largest undertakings and enterprises, providing financial independence to its owner.

Natural diligence and efficiency do not give people with the surname Bognar peace - as soon as they finish one successful project, they start another.

The Number eight (8) for the surname Bognar is an indicator of high status and stable financial position, which attracts fans and female fans to them, and not external attractiveness or sexuality. But eights do not worry about this - they also evaluate their partner-by position, finances, connections, etc. For people with the surname Bognar sex takes a back seat, but this happens only because they have a financial situation in the first place. And if everything is in order with the financial situation, then they are capable of a lot in intimate relationships.

Stones of the number 8 for the surname Bognar: Jasper, hematite (Bloodstone), obsidian, coral, rhodonite, beryl, lapis lazuli, garnet, malachite, onyx, Heliodor, chalcedony, uvarovite, chrysolite, verdelite, Labrador, carnelian.

Planet of the number 8: Saturn.

Zodiac Signs of the number 8: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces.

Good years for the surname: 1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015, 2024, 2033.

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Meaning of letters in the surname Bognar

B - as the second letter of the alphabet, B relates to balance and instinct. It introduces an influence of friendliness and cooperation to a person's surname Numerology.
O - there is a supportive and giving quality to the O in Numerology. Its presence influences a person with strong morals and great pride in serving others.
G - G represents the search for intellectual and spiritual awareness. Its presence strengthens a person's mental powers and opens the pathways of intuition.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their surname have a unique and purposeful approach to life.
A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a surname, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
R - R carries a hardworking energy and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting humanity. It represents a great power to do great things.

Compatible with the surname Bognar hungarian surnames

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Famous people with the surname Bognar

  1. Tamás Bognár
    Tamás Bognár (born 18 November 1978) is a Hungarian professional football referee. He has been a full international for FIFA since 2009. Profile FIFA....
  2. Rick Bognar
    Richard Bognar (January 16, 1970 – September 20, 2019) was a Canadian professional wrestler, actor, and motivational speaker, best known as the "fake"...
  3. György Bognár
    György Bognár (born 5 November 1961) is a retired Hungarian football player and current manager of Paksi FC. He made his debut for the Hungarian national...
  4. Steven Bognar
    Steven Bognar (born 1963) is an American film director. He is an Oscar-winning and award-winning documentary American-Hungarian filmmaker, whose films...
  5. István Bognár
    István Bognár (born 6 May 1991) is a Hungarian football (midfielder) player who currently plays for Nemzeti Bajnokság I club Paksi FC. He played in Újpest...
  6. Erzsébet Bognár
    Erzsébet Bognár (pronounced [ˈɛrʒeːbɛt ˈboɡnaːr]; 1942 in Budapest – July 25, 2017) was a Hungarian handball player and World champion. A loyal player...
  7. Zoran Bognar
    Zoran Bognar (Serbian-Cyrillic: Зоран Богнар; born 30 January 1965 in Vukovar, SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian poet and writer. Zoran Bognar (his...
  8. Barbara Pálos-Bognár
    Barbara Pálos-Bognár (née Bognár) (born 7 November 1987) is a Hungarian handballer for Budaörs Handball as a playmaker. Nemzeti Bajnokság I: Winner: 2005...
  9. Judit Bognár
    Judit Bognár (28 January 1939 – 26 November 2011) was a Hungarian athlete. She competed in the women's shot put at the 1964, 1968 and the 1972 Summer Olympics...
  10. László Bognár
    László Bognár (born February 24, 1968) is a Hungarian former professional boxer who fought in the featherweight to light welterweight divisions. As an...