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The meaning of the surname Bass is: English cognate of BASSO.

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Number for the surname Bass

The Number of the surname five (5) symbolizes an independent person, filled with the desire for freedom. They are skeptical of the opinions of others, value their personal life experience most of all, and often rely on intuition. The surnameBass means a tendency to take risks and even adventures, so they often experience both success and failure.

Bass likes to travel and make new discoveries. They are inclined to think, have an analytical mind, and find a way out of any situation. But at the same time, their actions often look strange and unusual to others.

The Number five (5) for the surname Bass means increased sexuality. They have all the thoughts about sex, they are completely immersed in experiences and fantasies on this topic. They may engage in sexual relations at the first meeting, with strangers, ignoring all security measures. On the other hand, people with the surname Bass treat sex as an art, and it's hard to find more sophisticated lovers. They are prone to infidelity, as they strive for everything new, unknown and exotic.

Stones of the number 5 for the surname Bass: sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet-almandine, pyrope, obsidian, agate, diamond, ruby, Jasper, emerald, tiger's eye, rock crystal, pyrite, onyx, jet.

Planet number 5: Mercury.

Zodiac Signs number 5: Gemini, Aquarius.

Good years for the surname: 1904, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012, 2021, 2030.

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Meaning of letters in the surname Bass

B - as the second letter of the alphabet, B relates to balance and instinct. It introduces an influence of friendliness and cooperation to a person's surname Numerology.
A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a surname, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
S - people with S in their surname have a magnetic presence and a deep sense of emotion. They are persuasive and energetic self-starters.

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Famous people with the surname Bass

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