Aldana surname meaning, origin - basque surname Aldana

The meaning of the surname Aldana is: From the name of a Basque town, derived from aldats meaning "slope".

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Number for the surname Aldana

The number of the surname six (6) favors political activity or a career in public service. To these people with the surname Aldana it is important how they are evaluated by others, they often inspire confidence, thanks to their natural optimism and charm.

Only excessive arrogance and laziness can prevent them from achieving career heights and recognition.

The Number six (6) for the surname Aldana allows you to talk about attractive appearance and charm, which will be used when the opportunity arises. They take their relationship with their partner seriously, try to establish spiritual and emotional harmony with them, value these relationships, and demand the same from their partner. People with the surname Aldana are the most loyal lovers, they rarely cheat on their partner, firstly, because of attachment, and secondly, they consider it beneath their dignity to establish an intimate relationship with unverified people.

Stones of the number 6 for the surname Aldana: amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, diamond, jade, jadeite, pearl, coral, amber, citrine, garnet, Morion, chrysolite.

Planet number 6: Venus.

Zodiac Signs numbers 6: Taurus, Libra.

Good years for the surname: 1905, 1914, 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004, 2013, 2022, 2031.

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Meaning of letters in the surname Aldana

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a surname, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
L - there's a friendly presence to people with L in their surname. They are influenced by magnetic, optimistic, and expressive energies.
D - D brings energies of stability, reliability, and determination. Its influence makes a person a hard worker and a practical thinker.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their surname have a unique and purposeful approach to life.

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Famous people with the surname Aldana

  1. UFC on ESPN: Holm vs. Aldana
    UFC on ESPN: Holm vs. Aldana (also known as UFC on ESPN 16 and UFC Fight Island 4) was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship...
  2. List of minor planets: 44001–45000
    FY129 — March 22, 1998 Socorro LINEAR — 1.4 km MPC · JPL 44103 Aldana 1998 GE1 Aldana April 4, 1998 Teide R. Casas V 2.2 km MPC · JPL 44104 1998 GO1 —...
  3. Thelma Aldana
    Thelma Esperanza Aldana Hernández (locally ['telma espe'ɾansa al'dana eɾ'nanðes]; born 27 September 1955) is a Guatemalan jurist and politician, former...
  4. Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2
    Day 40 Voluntary exit Megan Young 17 Actress Day 1 Day 35 Evicted Zara Aldana 18 Beauty queen Day 3 Day 21 Evicted Marylaine Viernes 21 26K model Day...
  5. Lucia Aldana
    Carmen Lucía Aldana Roldán (born March 9, 1992 in Cali) is a Colombian model and holds the title of Miss Colombia 2012. Aldana represented Colombia at...
  6. Fernando Schwalb
    Fernando Schwalb López Aldana (Lima, 26 August 1916 – Lima, 22 July 2002) was twice Prime Minister of Peru (1963–1965, 1983–1984) under President Fernando...
  7. Aldana Cometti
    Aldana Cometti (born 3 March 1996) is an Argentine footballer who plays as a defender for Primera División club Levante UD and the Argentina women's national...
  8. Aldana
    Aldana is a town and municipality in the Nariño Department, Colombia. Aldana has a cold subtropical highland climate (Köppen Cfb) with moderate rainfall...
  9. Irene Aldana
    Irene Robles Aldana (born March 26, 1988) is a Mexican mixed martial artist who competes in the Bantamweight division. As of February 8, 2021, she is #4...
  10. Roberto Moreira
    Roberto Moreira Aldana (born 6 May 1987 in Luque, Paraguay) is a Paraguayan football forward. He currently plays for F.C. Motagua in the Liga Nacional...