Abrahamson surname meaning, origin - english surname Abrahamson

The meaning of the surname Abrahamson is: Means "son of ABRAHAM".

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Number for the surname Abrahamson

The Number of the surname two (2) is inherent in individuals who are emotional and insecure, they have a constantly anxious state.

Such people with the surname Abrahamson it is advisable to avoid extremes, show calmness and accept the world as it is, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

The Number two (2) for the surname Abrahamson indicates the priority of spiritual and emotional unity with the partner, which determines success in sexual relations. The closer the kinship of souls, the more relaxed their behavior in bed, where they can demonstrate both passionate behavior and boundless tenderness. They tend to be secretive in showing their emotions in public, but they are very attentive and courteous with their partner.

Stones of the number 2 for the surname Abrahamson: Selenite, adularite, belomorite, opal, amazonite, coral, pearl, mother of pearl.

Planet (satellite) of the number 2: the Moon.

Zodiac Sign number 2: Cancer.

Good years for the surname: 1901, 1910, 1919, 1928, 1937, 1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2000, 2009, 2018, 2027.

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Meaning of letters in the surname Abrahamson

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a surname, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
B - as the second letter of the alphabet, B relates to balance and instinct. It introduces an influence of friendliness and cooperation to a person's surname Numerology.
R - R carries a hardworking energy and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting humanity. It represents a great power to do great things.
H - people with H in their surname are influenced by energies of innovation and independence. They have a need to succeed and are highly motivated to reach their goals.
M - M brings out a person's ingenuity and independence. It introduces creative thinking skills to enhance productivity and efficiency.
S - people with S in their surname have a magnetic presence and a deep sense of emotion. They are persuasive and energetic self-starters.
O - there is a supportive and giving quality to the O in Numerology. Its presence influences a person with strong morals and great pride in serving others.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their surname have a unique and purposeful approach to life.

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Famous people with the surname Abrahamson

  1. Record Plant
    The Record Plant is a recording studio established in New York City in 1968 and currently operating in Los Angeles, California. Known for innovations in...
  2. Lenny Abrahamson
    Leonard Ian Abrahamson (born 30 November 1966) is an Irish film and television director. He is known for directing such praised independent films as Adam...
  3. Shirley Abrahamson
    Shirley Schlanger Abrahamson (December 17, 1933 – December 19, 2020) was the 25th chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. An American lawyer and...
  4. Peter Abrahams
    Peter Henry Abrahams Deras (3 March 1919 – 18 January 2017), commonly known as Peter Abrahams, was a South African-born novelist, journalist and political...
  5. Katie Abrahamson-Henderson
    Kay Noel "Katie" Abrahamson-Henderson (born December 23, 1966) is the current head coach of the University of Central Florida. Prior to this position,...
  6. James A. Abrahamson
    James Alan Abrahamson (born May 19, 1933) is a retired U.S. Air Force general who served as a designated astronaut, associate director of NASA and former...
  7. Abrahamson
    Abrahamson is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Eric Abrahamson, American politician James A. Abrahamson (born 1933), American military...
  8. Jared Abrahamson
    Jared Abrahamson is a Canadian actor. He is known for his performance in the 2016 film Hello Destroyer, for which he was nominated for a Canadian Screen...
  9. Hammel, Green and Abrahamson
    Hammel, Green and Abrahamson (HGA) is an architecture, engineering, and planning firm that originated in Minnesota. It was founded in 1953 by Minnesotans...
  10. Abraham Abramson
    2008-05-28. The following is a list of the more prominent modern converts ... Abrahamson, A. (1754–1811), German stamp-cutter. "Archived copy". Archived from the...