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The meaning of the name Griselda is: Possibly derived from the Germanic elements gris "grey" and hild "battle". It is not attested as a Germanic name. This was the name of a patient wife in medieval tales by Boccaccio and Chaucer.

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Number for the name Griselda

The Number of the name three (3) denotes people who are capable and cheerful, easily perceive everything new, and thanks to this, achieve success in various fields. People with the name Griselda prefer to adapt to their environment, but only where profit is expected.

They like easy communication, new acquaintances and daily entertainment. These people don't like to plan.

the Pursuit of quick success and easy pursuits can prevent them from achieving achievements in new fields where diligence, calculation and planning are required.

The Number three (3) for the name Griselda describes free, active people who are not averse to experimenting in love and sex. They are attracted to themselves due to their natural attractiveness, but they are windy and fickle. Quite often, they are forced to change partners, as they always expect something new and unusual from them, in order to satisfy their passion, as if at the first acquaintance.

Stones of the number 3 for the name Griselda: amethyst, jet, sapphire, turquoise, chrysolite, hematite (Bloodstone), spinel (Lal), tourmaline-sherl, tiger's eye.

Planet of the number 3: Jupiter.

Zodiac Sign of the number 3: Sagittarius.

Good years for the name: 1902, 1911, 1920, 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2019, 2028.

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Meaning of letters in the name Griselda

G - G represents the search for intellectual and spiritual awareness. Its presence strengthens a person's mental powers and opens the pathways of intuition.
R - R carries a hardworking energy and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting humanity. It represents a great power to do great things.
I - tolerance and compassion are introduced by an I in a person's name. Its presence makes them altruistic, creative, and kind.
S - people with S in their name have a magnetic presence and a deep sense of emotion. They are persuasive and energetic self-starters.
E - freedom is the driving force for the letter E. As part of a person's name Numerology, it introduces romantic and expressive energies to the mix.
L - there's a friendly presence to people with L in their name. They are influenced by magnetic, optimistic, and expressive energies.
D - D brings energies of stability, reliability, and determination. Its influence makes a person a hard worker and a practical thinker.
A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a name, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.

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Famous people named Griselda

  1. Winx Club
    Winx Club is an Italian-American animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon. It was created by Iginio Straffi. The show is set in a magical...
  2. Ministry of Magic
    but in Deathly Hallows, she is played physically by Sophie Thompson. Griselda Marchbanks An elder witch who formerly served on the Wizengamot and was...
  3. African wildcat
    of a male wildcat from the Aïr Mountains south of Zinder. Felis ocreata griselda and F. o. namaquana by Oldfield Thomas in 1926 was a pale wildcat skin...
  4. Fear the Walking Dead
    Salazar: The strong-willed and very capable daughter of Daniel and his wife Griselda. (seasons 1–3) Lorenzo James Henrie as Christopher "Chris" Manawa: Travis...
  5. Indochinese short-tailed shrew
    The Indochinese short-tailed shrew (Blarinella griselda) is a species of mammal of the family Soricidae found in China and Vietnam. The species is a semifossorial...
  6. Griselda Blanco
    Griselda Blanco Restrepo (February 15, 1943 – September 3, 2012), known as La Madrina, the Black Widow, the Cocaine Godmother and the Queen of Narco-Trafficking...
  7. Lady Griselda Cheape
    Lady Griselda Johanna Helen Cheape (20 December 1865 – 12 February 1934) was an anti-suffrage campaigner. Born in Angus, Scotland Griselda Ogilvy and...
  8. Griselda's striped grass mouse
    Griselda's lemniscomys or Griselda's striped grass mouse (Lemniscomys griselda) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae. It is found in Angola, Democratic...
  9. Griselda Pollock
    Griselda Frances Sinclair Pollock (born 11 March 1949) is an art historian and cultural analyst of international, postcolonial feminist studies in the...
  10. Griselda (Vivaldi)
    Griselda (Italian pronunciation: [ɡriˈzɛlda]) is a dramma per musica in three acts that was composed by Antonio Vivaldi. The opera uses a revised version...