Female names: list of names with meanings

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Aada Female name Finnish names

Aafje Female name Dutch names

Aalis Female name Medieval names

Aaliyah Female name Arabic names

Aaliyah Female name English names

Aamina Female name African names

Aamina Female name Arabic names

Aaminah Female name Arabic names

Aaminata Female name African names

Aamu Female name Finnish names

Aarthi Female name Indian names

Aarti Female name Indian names

Aase Female name Norwegian names

Aase Female name Danish names

Aava Female name Finnish names

Abbe Female name Ancient names

Abbey Female name English names

Abbi Female name English names

Abbie Female name English names

Abby Female name English names

Abeba Female name African names

Abegail Female name English names

Abelone Female name Danish names

Abena Female name African names

Abene Female name Basque names

Abeni Female name African names

Aberash Female name African names

Abha Female name Indian names

Abhilasha Female name Indian names

Abi Female name Scottish names

Abigaia Female name Biblical Greek names

Abigail Female name Biblical Latin names

Abigail Female name Spanish names

Abigail Female name English names

Abigail Female name Biblical names

Abigayle Female name English names

Abigel Female name Hungarian names

Abilene Female name English names

Abishag Female name Biblical names

Abital Female name Biblical names

Abla Female name Arabic names

Abosede Female name African names

Abril Female name Spanish names

Abril Female name Catalan names

Acacia Female name English names

Acantha Female name Mythology names

Achieng Female name African names

Achinoam Female name Hebrew names

Achinoam Female name Biblical Hebrew names

Ada Female name Hungarian names

Ada Female name German names

Ada Female name Polish names

Ada Female name English names

Ada Female name Ancient names

Ada Female name Finnish names

Ada Female name Italian names

Adaeze Female name African names

Adah Female name Biblical names

Adalet Female name Turkish names

Adalgard Female name Ancient names

Adalheidis Female name Ancient names

Adaline Female name English names

Adallindis Female name Ancient names

Adalyn Female name English names

Adalynn Female name English names

Adamina Female name English names

Adanna Female name African names

Adannaya Female name African names

Adara Female name Hebrew names

Addie Female name English names

Addilyn Female name English names

Addy Female name English names

Addyson Female name English names

Adel Female name Hungarian names

Adela Female name Czech names

Adela Female name Slovak names

Adela Female name Spanish names

Adela Female name Polish names

Adela Female name Romanian names

Adela Female name English names

Adela Female name Ancient names

Adelaida Female name Spanish names

Adelaide Female name French names

Adelaide Female name Portuguese names

Adelaide Female name English names

Adelaide Female name Italian names

Adelais Female name Ancient names

Adelajda Female name Polish names

Adele Female name Lithuanian names

Adele Female name German names

Adele Female name French names

Adele Female name English names

Adele Female name Italian names

Adelheid Female name German names

Adelheid Female name Dutch names

Adelia Female name Spanish names

Adelia Female name English names

Adelie Female name French names

Adelina Female name Spanish names

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