Name Dionne meaning, origin - female english name

The meaning of the name Dionne is: Feminine form of Dion.

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Number for the name Dionne

The number of the name seven (7) characterizes talented people who are able to achieve great success both in the scientific field and in the Humanities. The ability to think, analyze, and plan their actions, and the ability to attract others, helps people with the name Dionne become the head of various groups of people and organizations.

These people need privacy to reach their creative potential. Someone will be plunged into depression and darkness, someone will open up new horizons for self-realization and public recognition.

The Number seven (7) for the name Dionne means that sex is not the most important thing for them. For them, passion is unknown, they are always unperturbed and do not like to show their emotions. They evaluate their chosen ones not by their appearance, but by their intelligence, as well as by other human qualities. Very insightful in the relationship with your partner is easily able to recognize the lies, the infidelity.

Stones of the number 7 for the name Dionne: malachite, jade, carnelian (carnelian), pearl, jet, obsidian, hematite (Bloodstone), onyx, opal, amethyst, emerald, Selenite, flint, rhodonite, fluorite.

Planet number 7: Neptune.

Zodiac Signs number 7: Pisces, Virgo.

Good years for the name: 1906, 1915, 1924, 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005, 2014, 2023, 2032.

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Meaning of letters in the name Dionne

D - D brings energies of stability, reliability, and determination. Its influence makes a person a hard worker and a practical thinker.
I - tolerance and compassion are introduced by an I in a person's name. Its presence makes them altruistic, creative, and kind.
O - there is a supportive and giving quality to the O in Numerology. Its presence influences a person with strong morals and great pride in serving others.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their name have a unique and purposeful approach to life.
E - freedom is the driving force for the letter E. As part of a person's name Numerology, it introduces romantic and expressive energies to the mix.

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Famous people named Dionne

  1. Dionne Warwick
    Marie Dionne Warwick (/ˈdiːɒn ˈwɒrwɪk/ DEE-on WAR-wick; née Warrick; born December 12, 1940) is an American singer, actress, television host, and former...
  2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    marriage another try but Midge turns him down. 4 4 "The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets" Amy Sherman-Palladino Amy Sherman-Palladino November 29, 2017 (2017-11-29)...
  3. Jean Charest
    was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 1981. He is married to Michèle Dionne (since June 21, 1980) and they have three children, Amélie, Antoine, and...
  4. That's What Friends Are For
    1985 cover version by Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Wonder. This recording, billed as being by "Dionne & Friends", was released...
  5. Walk On By (song)
    a song composed by Burt Bacharach, with lyrics by Hal David, for singer Dionne Warwick in 1963. The song peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100...
  6. Mario Van Peebles
    Mario Cain Van Peebles (born January 15, 1957) is an Mexican-born American film director and actor best known for directing and starring in New Jack City...
  7. The X Factor (British series 3)
    Little Help from My Friends" Robert: "Crazy" Kerry: "You've Got a Friend" Dionne: "What's Love Got to Do with It" Lyn: "Downtown" Tiwa: "Hero" Katie: "Anyone...
  8. America's Next Top Model (season 8)
    Brittany - Long wavy red weave; later, weave removed but still dyed red Dionne - Kelis inspired cut and dyed black Renee - Yoanna House inspired cut Natasha...
  9. Marcel Dionne
    Marcel Elphège "Little Beaver" Dionne (born August 3, 1951) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey centre who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey...
  10. Dionne Bromfield
    Dionne Julia Bromfield (born 1 February 1996) is a British singer, songwriter, TV presenter and television personality. Bromfield's debut album, Introducing...