Name Arleen meaning, origin - female english name

The meaning of the name Arleen is: Variant of ARLINE.

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Number for the name Arleen

The number of the name Arleen is one (1): it is characteristic of active, energetic, brave people, they are confident in their success, always ready for quick decisions and spontaneous actions. There are many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs among people with the name.

At the same time, they tend to act within the framework of already developed patterns and stereotypes. People with the name Arleen they often rely on the advice and achievements of other people, which allows us to conclude that there is a great potential for developing their own creative inclinations.

the Number one (1) fully justifies its name in relationships: the conviction of their attractiveness and captivating appearance combined with a domineering, sometimes domineering, character,Arleen and in sexual life behaves selfishly, demanding complete submission from the partner, not paying attention to his desires. The choice of a lover or mistress is made exclusively by themselves, sometimes rudely refusing to other admirers.

Stones of the number 1 for the name Arleen: amber, demantoid, topaz, fluorite, carnelian, aventurine, Heliodorus.

Planet (star) of the number 1: the Sun.

Zodiac Signs of the number 1: Leo, Aries.

Good years for the name: 1900, 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017, 2026.

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Meaning of letters in the name Arleen

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a name, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
R - R carries a hardworking energy and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting humanity. It represents a great power to do great things.
L - there's a friendly presence to people with L in their name. They are influenced by magnetic, optimistic, and expressive energies.
E - freedom is the driving force for the letter E. As part of a person's name Numerology, it introduces romantic and expressive energies to the mix.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their name have a unique and purposeful approach to life.

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Famous people named Arleen

  1. Arleen Auger
    Joyce Arleen Auger (sometimes spelled Augér /oʊˈʒeɪ/; September 13, 1939 – June 10, 1993) was an American soprano, admired for her coloratura voice and...
  2. Arleen Sorkin
    Arleen Sorkin (born October 14, 1955) is a retired[citation needed] American actress, screenwriter, presenter and comedian. Sorkin is known for portraying...
  3. Arleen Whelan
    Arleen Whelan (September 1, 1916 – April 7, 1993) was an American film actress. Whelan was a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. Before she became an actress...
  4. Arleen Schloss
    Arleen Schloss (born December 12, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY) is a noted "North American performance art pioneer, video/film artist, sound poet, director and...
  5. Arlene Harden
    "Lovin' Man (Oh Pretty Woman)". She later recorded for Capitol and Elektra as Arleen Harden. Whitburn, Joel (2008). Hot Country Songs 1944 to 2008. Record Research...
  6. Arleen Paré
    Arleen Lyda Paré (born 1946) is a Canadian writer. She has published three collections of poetry and two novels to date. Originally from Montreal, Quebec...
  7. Arleen
    Arleen or Arlene is an Irish feminine given name and variant of Carlene or Charlene and in the French derived from feminine diminutive of Charles (meaning...
  8. Arleen Day
    Arleen Marilyn Day (March 7, 1949 – September 4, 2012) was a Canadian curler from Regina, Saskatchewan. Day was born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan as Arleen...