Name Annabella meaning, origin - female english name

The meaning of the name Annabella is: Latinate form of ANNABEL. It can also be taken as a combination of ANNA and BELLA.

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Number for the name Annabella

The number of the name eight (8) helps to achieve success in the largest undertakings and enterprises, providing financial independence to its owner.

Natural diligence and efficiency do not give people with the name Annabella peace - as soon as they finish one successful project, they start another.

The Number eight (8) for the name Annabella is an indicator of high status and stable financial position, which attracts fans and female fans to them, and not external attractiveness or sexuality. But eights do not worry about this - they also evaluate their partner-by position, finances, connections, etc. For people with the nameAnnabella sex takes a back seat, but this happens only because they have a financial situation in the first place. And if everything is in order with the financial situation, then they are capable of a lot in intimate relationships.

Stones of the number 8 for the name Annabella: Jasper, hematite (Bloodstone), obsidian, coral, rhodonite, beryl, lapis lazuli, garnet, malachite, onyx, Heliodor, chalcedony, uvarovite, chrysolite, verdelite, Labrador, carnelian.

Planet of the number 8: Saturn.

Zodiac Signs of the number 8: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces.

Good years for the name: 1907, 1916, 1925, 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015, 2024, 2033.

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Meaning of letters in the name Annabella

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a name, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their name have a unique and purposeful approach to life.
B - as the second letter of the alphabet, B relates to balance and instinct. It introduces an influence of friendliness and cooperation to a person's name Numerology.
E - freedom is the driving force for the letter E. As part of a person's name Numerology, it introduces romantic and expressive energies to the mix.
L - there's a friendly presence to people with L in their name. They are influenced by magnetic, optimistic, and expressive energies.

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Famous people named Annabella

  1. Bella Thorne
    Annabella Avery Thorne (born October 8, 1997) is an American actress, model, singer, and director. She first received recognition for her roles as Margaux...
  2. The 39 Steps (1935 film)
    Donat as Richard Hannay Madeleine Carroll as Pamela Lucie Mannheim as Annabella Smith Godfrey Tearle as Professor Jordan Peggy Ashcroft as Margaret, the...
  3. Witchblade
    Witchblade is a comic book series published by Top Cow Productions, an imprint of Image Comics, which ran from November 1995 to October 2015. The series...
  4. Lady Byron
    and Baroness Byron (née Milbanke; 17 May 1792 – 16 May 1860), nicknamed Annabella and commonly known as Lady Byron, was an English mathematician and the...
  5. Annabella Sciorra
    Annabella Gloria Philomena Sciorra (/ˈʃoʊrə/ SHOH-rə, Italian: [ˈʃɔrra]; born March 29, 1960) is an American actress. Her film roles include True Love...
  6. 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
    university in Bologna, has developed an incestuous passion for his sister Annabella and the play opens with his discussing this ethical problem with Friar...
  7. Annabella (actress)
    Annabella (born Suzanne Georgette Charpentier, 14 July 1907 – 18 September 1996) was a French cinema actress who appeared in 46 films between 1927 and...
  8. Wicked Annabella
    "Wicked Annabella" is a song by English rock band the Kinks, appearing on their 1968 album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.The song...
  9. Annabella of Scotland
    Annabella of Scotland (c. 1436 – 1509), was an Scotish princess, a member of the House of Stewart and by her two marriages Countess of Geneva and Countess...
  10. Annabella
    Annabella, Anabella, or Anabela is a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include: Annabella of Scotland (c. 1433–1509), daughter of King...