Name Agrippina meaning, origin - female ancient name

The meaning of the name Agrippina is: Feminine derivative of AGRIPPA. This name was borne by the scheming mother of the Roman emperor Nero, who eventually had her killed. This was also the name of a 3rd-century Roman saint who is venerated in Sicily.

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Number for the name Agrippina

The number of the name Agrippina is one (1): it is characteristic of active, energetic, brave people, they are confident in their success, always ready for quick decisions and spontaneous actions. There are many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs among people with the name.

At the same time, they tend to act within the framework of already developed patterns and stereotypes. People with the name Agrippina they often rely on the advice and achievements of other people, which allows us to conclude that there is a great potential for developing their own creative inclinations.

the Number one (1) fully justifies its name in relationships: the conviction of their attractiveness and captivating appearance combined with a domineering, sometimes domineering, character,Agrippina and in sexual life behaves selfishly, demanding complete submission from the partner, not paying attention to his desires. The choice of a lover or mistress is made exclusively by themselves, sometimes rudely refusing to other admirers.

Stones of the number 1 for the name Agrippina: amber, demantoid, topaz, fluorite, carnelian, aventurine, Heliodorus.

Planet (star) of the number 1: the Sun.

Zodiac Signs of the number 1: Leo, Aries.

Good years for the name: 1900, 1909, 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008, 2017, 2026.

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Meaning of letters in the name Agrippina

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a name, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
G - G represents the search for intellectual and spiritual awareness. Its presence strengthens a person's mental powers and opens the pathways of intuition.
R - R carries a hardworking energy and is dedicated to supporting and uplifting humanity. It represents a great power to do great things.
I - tolerance and compassion are introduced by an I in a person's name. Its presence makes them altruistic, creative, and kind.
P - in name Numerology, P can make a person seem wise beyond their years. It is a well of intellectual and spiritual knowledge.
N - imagination and free thinking are introduced through the N. People with N in their name have a unique and purposeful approach to life.

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Famous people named Agrippina

  1. Archbishop of Cologne
    The Archbishop of Cologne is an archbishop governing the Archdiocese of Cologne of the Catholic Church in western North Rhine-Westphalia and northern ...
  2. Agrippina (opera)
    Agrippina (HWV 6) is an opera seria in three acts by George Frideric Handel with a libretto by Cardinal Vincenzo Grimani. Composed for the 1709–10 Venice...
  3. Agrippina the Younger
    Julia Agrippina (6 November 15 – 23 March AD 59), also referred to as Agrippina the Younger, was a Roman empress. One of the most prominent women in the...
  4. Agrippina the Elder
    Vipsania Agrippina (also, in Latin, Agrippina Germanici, "Germanicus' Agrippina"; c. 14 BC – AD 33), commonly referred to as Agrippina the Elder, was...
  5. Agrippina condotta a morire or Dunque sarà pur vero
    Agrippina condotta a morire or Dunque sarà pur vero, HWV110, is a dramatic secular cantata for soprano, two violins and continuo, composed by George Frideric...
  6. Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium
    Bonn) and Legio XX garrisoned Castrum Novaesium near present-day Neuss. Agrippina the younger was born in AD 15 in Cologne. She was the daughter of Germanicus...
  7. Agrippina Vaganova
    Agrippina Yakovlevna Vaganova (Russian: Агриппина Яковлевна Ваганова; 26 June 1879 – 5 November 1951) was a Soviet and Russian ballet teacher who developed...
  8. Julia the Younger
    Vipsania Julia Agrippina (19 BC – c. AD 29) nicknamed Julia Minor (Classical Latin: IVLIA•MINOR) and called Julia the Younger by modern historians, was...
  9. Vipsania Agrippina
    Vipsania Agrippina (/ˌæɡrəˈpaɪnə, -ˈpiː-/; 36 BC – 20 AD) was the first wife of the Emperor Tiberius. She was the daughter of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa...
  10. Thysania agrippina
    Thysania agrippina is a species of moth in the family Erebidae first described by Pieter Cramer in 1776. The most commonly accepted English name is the...