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Name Addie meaning, origin - female english name

The meaning of the name Addie is: Diminutive of ADELAIDE, ADELINE, ADDISON or other names containing the same sound.

The name Addie is present in the lists: Female names, Female names starting with letter A, English names.

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Number for the name Addie

The Number of the name five (5) symbolizes an independent person, filled with the desire for freedom. They are skeptical of the opinions of others, value their personal life experience most of all, and often rely on intuition. The nameAddie means a tendency to take risks and even adventures, so they often experience both success and failure.

Addie likes to travel and make new discoveries. They are inclined to think, have an analytical mind, and find a way out of any situation. But at the same time, their actions often look strange and unusual to others.

The Number five (5) for the name Addie means increased sexuality. They have all the thoughts about sex, they are completely immersed in experiences and fantasies on this topic. They may engage in sexual relations at the first meeting, with strangers, ignoring all security measures. On the other hand, people with the name Addie treat sex as an art, and it's hard to find more sophisticated lovers. They are prone to infidelity, as they strive for everything new, unknown and exotic.

Stones of the number 5 for the name Addie: sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet-almandine, pyrope, obsidian, agate, diamond, ruby, Jasper, emerald, tiger's eye, rock crystal, pyrite, onyx, jet.

Planet number 5: Mercury.

Zodiac Signs number 5: Gemini, Aquarius.

Good years for the name: 1904, 1913, 1922, 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012, 2021, 2030.

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Meaning of letters in the name Addie

A - the A represents confidence, independence, and proactivity. As part of a name, it influences people with both leadership and motivation.
D - D brings energies of stability, reliability, and determination. Its influence makes a person a hard worker and a practical thinker.
I - tolerance and compassion are introduced by an I in a person's name. Its presence makes them altruistic, creative, and kind.
E - freedom is the driving force for the letter E. As part of a person's name Numerology, it introduces romantic and expressive energies to the mix.

Compatible with the name Addie english names

Abbi Female name, Abigail Female name, Adela Female name, Adelaide Female name, Adelia Female name, Adeline Female name, Alberta Female name, Aline Female name, Alisha Female name, Alishia Female name, Allana Female name, Ally Female name, Alvina Female name, Alyson Female name, Alyssa Female name, Alyssia Female name, Amberlynn Female name, Amelia Female name, America Female name, Ami Female name...

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Famous people named Addie

  1. 16th Street Baptist Church bombing
    before the explosion, she had watched her sister, Addie, tying her dress sash. Another sister of Addie Mae Collins, 16-year-old Junie Collins, would later...
  2. Addie Joss
    Adrian "Addie" Joss (April 12, 1880 – April 14, 1911), nicknamed "the Human Hairpin", was an American professional baseball pitcher. He pitched for the...
  3. List of lakes of Minnesota
    424 60 15 Addie McLeod Brownton 44°44′27″N 94°21′49″W / 44.74083°N 94.36361°W / 44.74083; -94.36361 (Lake Addie) 168 Lake Named for Addie Hoag, the...
  4. Pauline Betz
    Pauline Betz Addie (née Pauline May Betz, August 6, 1919 – May 31, 2011) was an American professional tennis player. She won five Grand Slam singles titles...
  5. The Shirelles
    Alston Reeves), Doris Coley (later Doris Kenner-Jackson), Addie "Micki" Harris (later Addie Harris McFadden), and Beverly Lee. Founded in 1957 for a talent...
  6. Unfabulous
    Nickelodeon. The series is about an "unfabulous" middle schooler named Addie Singer, played by Emma Roberts. The show, which premiered on September 12...
  7. Addie Joss Benefit Game
    The Addie Joss Benefit Game was an exhibition baseball game played between the Cleveland Naps of the American League and an all-star team composed of...
  8. As I Lay Dying
    Jefferson, Mississippi. In the novel's first chapters, Addie is alive, though in ill health. Addie and others expect her to die soon, and she sits at a...
  9. List of American Horror Story: Murder House characters
    In the "Halloween" episode, Addie is killed in a hit and run accident. Her mother unsuccessfully tries to bring Addie's body onto the Harmon property...
  10. Addie Joss' perfect game
    On Friday, October 2, 1908, Addie Joss pitched a perfect game, the fourth in Major League Baseball history, and only the second in American League history...